Arunima Vijay

Arunima is a graduate of Johns Hopkins University. Her interest in the intersection of Art and Medicine first developed through a Narrative Medicine course and grew as she joined the medical storytelling community in Baltimore. Currently, she is researching autism spectrum disorders as a Fulbright scholar and hopes to share the narratives of her Baltimore community from afar as an editor of Charm City Stories.

Julia See

Julia is a junior at Johns Hopkins University majoring in Behavioral Biology and minoring in Visual Art. After hearing about this bridge between art and medicine, she jumped on board to our project and is currently the Junior Editor. She's very excited to see how the city of Baltimore will express itself through words and colors.

Anthony Kim

Anthony is a junior at Maryland Institute College of Art majoring in General Fine Arts. He has always been interested in the expression of self through art and using art as a way to deal with any issues concerning health. As the new graphic designer for Charm City Stories, he is excited to arrange a new aesthetic for the magazine that would showcase art and writing in the best possible way. Most importantly, he is looking forward to raising awareness about how self-expression through art could play a major role in healing the heart and mind.

Anu Haridhas

Anu is a senior public health major and pre-medical student at Johns Hopkins University. She is interested in the intersection between art and medicine and the healing power that art can have. She is an editor of Charm City Stories and helps to coordinate collaborations between the various clubs and colleges in Baltimore interested in contributing to the magazine.

Coleman Haley

Coleman is a junior majoring in Computer Science and Cognitive Science at Johns Hopkins. He's excited to see his passions for raising awareness about mental health issues and art come together in Charm City Stories. His role in Charm City Stories has been developing the branding, and building and maintaining the website and submissions system. He's looking forward to seeing how the finished product turns out!

Nishka Patel

Nishka is a junior at the University of Maryland Baltimore County, majoring in Interdisciplinary Studies with a concentration in Applied Biopsychosocial Medicine. Her interest in medical storytelling began through her experience as a writer, where she often integrates illness narratives into her prose. After hearing about Charm City Stories, she decided to join the editorial team as a University Liaison and hopes to bring awareness of medical humanities on campus. A narrative medicine advocate, she is passionate about seeing the intersection between storytelling and medicine come to life through Charm City Stories.

Simon Li

My name is Simon Li, mainly majoring in interdisciplinary art, photography and design. Came all the way from Dali, China 5 years ago and slowing finding the charm of Baltimore. Here is the Instagram account where I post most of my work: simonnnli. Feel free to check it out.


We are always looking for a larger group of passionate, creative individuals to help us grow our publication. If you would like to join our editor committee, please email us at charmcitystories@gmail.com.